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  • Mike Oldfield Lyrics: On a Horseback

    One of the most beautiful albums made is Ommadawn by Mike Oldfield and particular the song on a horseback. I came across it reading Tolkien when I was young and it became the theme for everything good in the world; living with nature, friendship and love. Someday I’ll have a horse.

  • Juliette Jade Valduriez made a demo called Terrarium

    On Youtube I came across this young female guitarist called Juliette Jade Valduriez (JulietteVmusic), now just “Juliette Jade”, playing covers of many favorite artists of mine. Them covers are really good, she interpret them fantastically, and all her subscribers, since her first upload 6 years ago, seem to agree. To everyones surprise she released a demo…

  • The “Where Eagles Dare” parka/jacket

    The “Where Eagles Dare” parka/jacket

    My conclusion is that the type of jacket seen in the movie is an an authentic jacket made by the Germans for World War 2 as far as design. I am not sure about the camouflage – it could be a prototype or specially made for the movie. The Germans had problems with the cold on the…