Fixing slow boot after replacing SSD on my MBP 2009

I have a MacBook Pro from 2009 witch hard drive I soon replaced with a 150 GB SSD from OCZ to speed up the computer. It was quiet and fast. 2016 macOS Sierra came out and I found out that my computer did not support it but as security updates still be made for El Capitan I decided to keep the Mac and buy a bigger drive – a  Samsung EVO 850 SSD 500GB. Booting on the new drive was slow, this is how to fix it. Continue reading Fixing slow boot after replacing SSD on my MBP 2009

Fault code: P0302 “misfire detected” VW GOLF MK4 1.6 R4 16V AZD

Sometime ago the engine symbol on my dashboard came to life. I noticed the car lacked power and it hesitated. The engine sound was not the same either – it knocked slightly. The engine symbol can mean many things and it wasn’t the first time it tuned yellow on my car but now it even blinked. Until this day I have heavily leaned against the repair shop and the cost is always something I want to forget. Sometimes I don’t get the results I want to have, so it bothers me to not be able to fix the car myself. But what do my manual say about a blinking engine symbol? I got a Volkswagen Golf IV (mark 4) 1.6 R4 16V AZD by the way.  Continue reading Fault code: P0302 “misfire detected” VW GOLF MK4 1.6 R4 16V AZD


I came across the S1000D specification for version 4.1 and its magnificent. It allows you to author in XML with a comprehensive set of rules for any occasion. There are this common source database that stores your modules and images. The modules types are many; like publication, descriptive and procedural and those can be used to various amount of information types. A module or image has a unique identifier code that contains data that describe what the module is about. A publications id is called PMC (Publication Module Code) and contains the author in form of a CAGE code. A module has a DMC (Data Module Code) that contains information of the product, its PBS, information type and so on and the image had a ICN code that also contains the CAGE. A module or image has their separate issue number and issue date. A publication can be exported to an IETP or PDF or XML. To set up a project you make business rules that is a document that chooses that or that not you are going to use from the specification. Then you author a BREX from the business rules witch is a schema to validate your own XML-code in form of modules or those that you get from other authors. You also need a BREX from the customer so you can validate your XML that you are going to deliver if so. There are plenty of guide lines in the specification on how to use it but also how to style your IETP of PDF/printing material so the PMC/DMC/ICN shows. Its beautiful and comprehensive. Now lets read about its relative S3000L.