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  • Fixing slow boot after replacing SSD on my MBP 2009

    I have a MacBook Pro from 2009 witch hard drive I soon replaced with a 150 GB SSD from OCZ to speed up the computer. It was quiet and fast. 2016 macOS Sierra came out and I found out that my computer did not support it but as security updates still be made for El Capitan […]

  • Fault code: P0302 “misfire detected” VW GOLF MK4 1.6 R4 16V AZD

    Sometime ago the engine symbol on my dashboard came to life. I noticed the car lacked power and it hesitated. The engine sound was not the same either – it knocked slightly. The engine symbol can mean many things and it wasn’t the first time it tuned yellow on my car but now it even blinked. […]

  • S1000D


    I came across the S1000D specification for version 4.1 and its magnificent. It allows you to author in XML with a comprehensive set of rules for any occasion. There are this common source database that stores your modules and images. The modules types are many; like publication, descriptive and procedural and those can be used […]