Category: Instructions

  • Autumn Love Soup

    Well this one fits all year around but especially in the autumn. When the cold kicks in its nice to have some hot soup. Soup is also easy to change and make variations of. Its because of that its so loveable. But its not just that, its really a satisfaction at the end of the…

  • Pasta with sausage in tomato sauce

    Once in a while the dinner becomes so good you want to save the recipe to be inspired from in the future. This time a round i had some sausage in the freezer that i put in a pan with some butter to unfreeze while i fixed a broken WordPress installation caused by an overdrawn…

  • How to make a pan pizza

    Recently I have had a habit of making pan pizza coming home from work on a Friday. Exhausted from five days of work its delicious and easy to vary the topping. This is how I do it.