High in Fungoid Void

Once I played guitar in this group called High in Fungoid Void.  I was the sole guitarist and played an original Hagström Super Sweden from 1982 with 0.10 strings dropped to C and ultimately with a Laney 100W amp (Tony Iommi), two Laney 4×12 speakers and one 4×12 Marshall speaker witch I liked the most as it sounded older. I also had a CryBaby WahWah, Electro Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe and a The Worm.

This song “Do Me Now” was probably the most popular one. The opening riff was an idea from the drummer Henrik that we built upon and recorded analog along with a bunch of other songs that constitutes the last demo/EP called “All Dressed Up But Nowhere To Go”. The lyrics is mostly, I believe, about prostitution and sex addiction – the writing, probably inspired from different movies, by the vocalist Jesper. Jesper is very interested in horror movies. Two friends studying media took upon them to make a music video as a project early in their education – turned out great.

The name High in Fungoid Void meaning nothing but odd and cool could give hints about drugs, witch we did not use of course, rather than alcohol, coffee and cigarettes witch was used.

The music were all about old rock, punk and psych. It was important that it was heavy and loud. You can hear inspiration from; Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Danzig, Kyuss, Electric Wizard etc. Very easy to play. The lyrics was something else; Lovecraft, the 70-ties, cosmos, bad dreams, women.  It took us to some nice local places for recording and gigs and we made many new friends.

When thinking about the time it was really fun, read more and listen to some. They are availalbe over at bandcamp.

First demo
Title: Society of love
Year: 2001

Second demo
Title: II
Year: 2002

Third demo
Title: All dressed up but nowhere to go
Year: 2004