Juliette Jade Valduriez made a demo called Terrarium

On Youtube I came across this young female guitarist called Juliette Jade Valduriez (JulietteVmusic), now just “Juliette Jade”, playing covers of many favorite artists of mine. Them covers are really good, she interpret them fantastically, and all her subscribers, since her first upload 6 years ago, seem to agree. To everyones surprise she released a demo called Terrarium dec 2016 at BandCamp with this cool intro – it was the first sign of activity since four years on Youtube. Really few on words, her person is a mystery but her music is finally out there, with a french accent.

So what about Terrarium released on dec 23 2016? It says “Home Demos” on the “sleeve” and they surely are but who needs hi-fi when you got a volume control? The songs are after all mixed with love. While listening through the “album” memories of my musical youth of the 80s and 90s surfaced. Its dark, emotional, intense and full of questions and Juliette has somehow managed to package them. To my joy the use if mellotron and church organ is present. Looking forward to a produced album.